нєуσ !! му ηαмєѕ cαяℓєιgн, ι ℓσνє νσℓℓєувαℓℓ αη∂ ѕιηgιηg αη∂ ѕтυƒƒ. ι'м αℓѕσ α ℓιттℓє вιт σвѕєѕѕє∂ ωιтн α∂νєηтυяє тιмє, ιт'ѕ α ρяєтту ρєяƒєcт ѕнσω ღ ƒσℓℓσω мє cαυѕє, ωєℓℓ ωну ησт ؟ εϊз

Save my place. I’ll be there.

Jeremy Jordan can be mine whenever

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5/∞ favorite newsies things


Headlines don’t sell papes. Newsies sell papes.


Kiss me like they do in the musicals.

Save my place. I’ll be there.

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Disney on Broadway!
Jack Kelley

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How is every single Newsie so in perfect shape I mean is it just like “congratulations on getting cast in Newsies, here have your free pecs and biceps!”?????


The World Will Know- Newsies Original Cast Recording

I live for this song

East High is a place where teachers encouraged us to break the status quo and define ourselves as we choose. Where a jock can cook up a mean crème brûlée, and a brainiac can break it down on the dance floor. It’s a place where one person, if it’s the right person, changes us all. East High is having friends we’ll keep for the rest of our lives, and I guess that means we really are ‘all in this together’. Cause once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat.

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